Breaking News: VBA Once Again Accepting DBQs From Private Providers

I reported previously that the VBA had stopped accepting DBQs (Disability Benefits Questionnaires) from private providers. I have been informed that the VBA has recently reversed this policy. Here is what you need to know.

The VBA has once again started accepting DBQs from private providers, including telehealth appointments. You can find an overview of information for how you can do this at this link:

In addition, you can once again download all of the DBQs from this link:

Having your own private provider perform an exam and complete the appropriate DBQ is in some cases a better alternative to having a VA assigned examiner do so.

However, be aware that there is still some confusion among VBA employees regarding this policy. There may still be ongoing cases of VBA employees rejecting DBQs from private providers, and/or VBA employees scheduling Veterans for exams with VA examiners in cases where it is not necessary.

If you submit a private DBQ with your claim, and then get notified of an exam scheduled with a VA examiner, you need to call the VA and find out if there is reason that the DBQ you submitted is not being accepted as medical evidence. The only reason you might be scheduled for another exam is if the DBQ that was submitted did not have all the information needed for the VBA to make a decision. Even if that is  the case, the VA should call your private provider to get the missing information.

Otherwise, if you experience something like this, you need to contact to the VBA and remind them of this new policy change.

Despite the confusion within the VBA, this is great news for Veterans!


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